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Campbell County has so many great things to do that using alcohol and drugs doesn't make sense!
Looking for fun Fall activities? Here is a list to help you enjoy the season and create lasting memories:

1. Fall Drives

The changing colors in the fall make a Sunday drive something extra special.

2. Night Sky Viewing

Fall is one of the best times for night skygazing because the sun sets earlier, and the Milky Way is in full view in our northern hemisphere.

3. Fishing Fun

If you’re looking to get your line in the water before the cold weather hits, then check out one of the many rivers and ponds available for fishing.

4. Hiking

Hiking is a great way to enjoy the outdoors while getting some exercise. Be sure to carry along a backpack with the following: sunscreen, water, bug repellent, snacks, first aid kit with bandaids, extra socks, raincoat, ziplock bags, wet wipes, and bear spray (where applicable).

5. Hot Springs

Soaking in the hot mineral water pools not only feels wonderful but also has many health benefits.

6. Fall Bike Tour

Get a group together for an exhilarating time on two wheels as the weather cools down and leaves begin to change and fall from the trees. Fall beauty, fresh air, a little exercise and good company.


The chill in the air, the excitement of the game, the fans cheering on their favorite team, eating popcorn and drinking cocoa. Be sure to take along a blanket for the cold bleachers!


Nothing beats roasting marshmallows or making s’mores by the fire on a cool night wrapped in a blanket!


Check your local paper and social media for an assortment of fun events for the entire family!


Gather round with a bowl of popcorn, lots of pillows and blankets, select your favorite family movie or take in a movie at a local theater for great surround-sound and theater popcorn!


When it’s chilly outside, it’s always a fun time to share a pizza and see how many pins you can knock down – and how many times you or a friend/family member tosses a “gutter ball”!


There are sure to be lots of community service opportunities and ways to help out friends and neighbors – raking leaves, packing away lawn furniture, garden tools and summer décor.

For some great inside activities, check-out the following websites.

Lake Shore Learning

Scholastic's Learn at Home website offers free courses for kids. Each lesson includes age-appropriate writing, reading, and enrichment activities, including virtual field trips.

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Scholastics Learn from home

Scholastic's new Learn at Home website offers free daily courses for kids. Each daily lesson includes age-appropriate writing, reading, and enrichment activities, and they're even offering virtual field trips.

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Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers an abundance of free educational resources for kids and parents. If you're struggling with how to structure everybody's days, you'll love the detailed daily schedules for kids ages 4 to 18. Khan Academy's platform includes loads of interactive exercises, videos and articles that cover a range of subjects.

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Story Time from Space

Have a kid who is space obsessed? Introduce them to Storytime from Space, where astronauts read children's books while in space. The site features both male and female astronauts, an important lesson for girls who love space

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Cabin Fever Science

For easy science experiments you can do at home with little kids, tune in to Cabin Fever Science on YouTube, where director Randy Scott Slavin and his adorable daughter, Zoe, conduct science experiments using everyday kitchen ingredients. The resulting one minute how-to videos are fun, educational, and sure to inspire your kids to start experimenting.

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American’s Test Kitchen Kids

America's Test Kitchen Kids has made their entire site completely free for everyone. Kids will love the colorful site and its plentiful selection of recipes, projects, and cooking lessons

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Crayola At-Home Creative Club

Crayola has put together an At-Home Creative Hub full of DIY craft projects you can do with your kids. There are step-by-step instructions for how to make cool projects like Paper Bag Stars and Paper Plate Llamas, and pretty much everything can be done with stuff you likely already have sitting around your house. They also have printable coloring pages for both kids and adults, in case you just need a soothing activity for everyone in the family.

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How to Cook.Recipes

A heaping variety of fun and educational recipes that are an excellent way to bond and build confidence with the little ones. You will be guided through the process so you can learn to cook for your family or for your best friend’s birthday party. Learn step-by-step how to cook recipes that have been brought down through the generations. Kids will love to jump in and help out!

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